Preventive Care Model 

exerciseOur preventive care model is an approach to wellness that works! It is designed to prevent, detect, and manage illness lowering the demand and costs of healthcare. Through education, motivation, and encouragement, patients receive the tools necessary to improve their health and lifestyle choices. 

We employ an incredibly knowledgable and passionate staff. What separates us from the rest is that we offer each and every participant one-on-one access to all of our experts. Why? Because it works. There is undisputable evidence in the current body of research that verifies the importance of individualized counseling and goal setting to long-term behavior change. Our mix of innovative real-world strategies and use of tried and true behavior change theory lay the foundation for your results.

Results-Based Programs

These programs are a step in the right direction, but expect their participants to understand the information and be able to make changes without additional assistance. Human Resources is expected to review and interpret the biometric results for evidence of change, thus increasing their workload. In-house wellness plans can create internal tension between HR and the workforce. These plans still have no impact on existing illness, participation is low, and while they do have a higher ROI than activity-based plans, they are not as effective as Intervention Based Wellness ®.

Activity-Based Programs

Over 90% of wellness programs are activity-based, offering primarily online services with no pro-active components to engage participants. These programs average about 35% participation, attracting those who are already engaged in healthy living. Activity-based programs have shown little to no impact on medical costs and are not recommended by leading wellness authorities.