Employer Comments

“I personally like the program. This program is great in that it is similar to running a business. You need to be proactive rather than reactive. That is what the wellness program does. We are being proactive in our health rather than waiting for something to happen and then being reactive.”
— Bob, CEO
“One of the big advantages I saw was a lot of people, especially guys, who would NEVER have gone to a clinic to do this, but felt safer with Wellness Partners so they got some medical screening at least annually. Just in our group, I know of two or three serious issues that were discovered that likely would not have been if not for our screening.”

“The other comparison to similar groups was interesting and the trends that were observed over the years with groups had to be significant. The cost advantage and savings to the company was significant.”
— Sheldon, Human Resources
“Wellness Partners has been very beneficial in helping our employee group see the benefits of wellness. The information and tools that they provide us to educate our employees are very up-to-date and thorough. The use of Wellness Partners has helped us as an employer to maintain an excellent health insurance plan while controlling the premium.”
— Donna, Office Manager
“We have worked with Wellness Partners for three years now and in those three years they have provided excellent customer service for our HRAs and screenings. The individuals who have come to our facility are always timely, professional and very personable.”
— Gayle, Human Resources
“I love your nurses! They are a delightful part of your team. They always have a smile on their face, and help make everyone comfortable during the health fairs. Despite having to work unpleasant hours, they never complain and are the sunshine to the beginning of the day.”
— Dawn, Office Manager

Employee Comments

“I love the whole wellness program;for the first time my husband has gotten involved with health awareness, that makes it easier for me and more enjoyable, he does not need to lose weight and we both are very active, but the wellness program makes us aware that it is not all in the LBS we carry. Heart attacks, stroke (which his dad died from at 56 yrs.) and other health problems happen to thin people too. In fact my numbers are all great, his are high in some areas...awareness is most important!! You help with that in your reading materials and now the challenges, the money is not the reward, health is.”
— Celia, Participant
“Wellness Partners saved my life by finding a rare liver disease that I was unaware of.”
— Deb, Participant
“The wellness program is how my prostate cancer was found. If it wasn’t found as early as Wellness Partners found it, the outcome would have been a lot different. I had surgery with no other fix and have been fine since. I am an advocate for the program 100%. It's the best thing our company ever did for their employees. It has opened my eyes to health.”
— Jack, Participant
“People have always been nice and so helpful. Even when I am discouraged, they try to encourage me to not give up. Thank you.”
— Anonymous Survey Response
“Wellness Partners sends us very educational and motivational information regarding our health and wellbeing. It is inspirational to have a little something come in the mail once in a while to jar the mind and get us thinking about changing our nasty habits.”
— Chirle, Participant
“You helped me find out that my thyroid was not operating at all. It was noticed through your program.”
— Anonymous Survey Response
“I enjoy emails and information on nutrition, diet plans and recipes for every day.”
— Survey Participant