Wellness Partners exists to help your employees manage their health and help you manage your healthcare costs.

About Us

CheckupAnyone who has dealt with health insurance claims or corporate policy renewals knows firsthand the frustration and even despair felt by employers and employees alike with the ever-increasing costs of healthcare. Wellness Partners was born from the experience of working with both sides and realizing there had to be a way to manage costs through improved awareness and management of disease. 

What We Do

Wellness Partners was established in 2004 to assist employers in reducing the ever-increasing costs of medical claims. Our program is proven to be effective in lowering healthcare costs as well as the related costs of employee absenteeism and presenteeism (lost productivity of employees who are at work but not functioning at full capacity).

Wellness Partners uses a proprietary combination of:

  • Preventive Care Clinics 
  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Identification of those most likely to develop illnesses
  • RN intervention-based coaching and education

"Wellness Partners saved my life by finding a rare liver disease that I was unaware of!"

Deb M. - Participant

This holistic approach of identifying high risk areas and then providing tools to your members to help them overcome their high risks will provide measurable impact to employee health and your bottom line.

Laboratory precursors of future disease have decreased incidents of illness by as much as 50% in a recent study of employers using Wellness Partners.

Wellness Partners has a positive impact on everyone involved. The employer benefits from lower medical costs, reduced presenteeism and absenteeism, and improved morale and productivity. The employee also sees a positive return in the form of lower costs, improved physical and mental health, and increased active lifespan.