Community Health Screening

June 9th
6:00 - 10:00 AM - By Appointment Only (Deadline June 7)
Red Willow Co. Community Building

Invest In Your Health!

Our preventive care screening is a great way to know your risk factors so you can take action early and prevent disease progression!

Basic Screening Services:

Optional Services:

  • Testosterone (Men 40+) - $15
  • PSA (Men 40+) - $15
  • Vitamin D - $30
  • Registered Nurse Consultation (30 min) - $30
  • Registered Dietitian Consultation (60 min) - $60
  • Exercise Physiologist Consultation (60 min) - $60

This is a fasting blood test - do not eat or drink anything (except water and/or prescription medication) 10-12 hours prior to your blood draw.

Please schedule your appointment prior to Monday, June 7th and call Wellness Partners with any questions or appointment changes as early as possible.

Click here to schedule your appointment
or call 877.345.7775 and ask for scheduling.